The Whistleblower Channel allows you to report conduct that may be illegal, unethical or in violation of professional standards, i.e. inconsistent with the company's Code of Ethics.

You can report your concerns using the following reporting channels:

1. Website

To register your anonymous report, you can go to the following link:


2. Email

You can send an email to the following address:


3. Postal Address

You may provide copies of any information you wish to physically submit by sending it to the following address:

Calle Los Negocios 297, Surquillo, Lima-Peru

Attention: Compliance Officer

Reference: Integrity Channel - Hotel Carrera

4. Personal Interview*

You can have a personal interview to provide the information by contacting us at:

Calle Los Negocios 297, Surquillo, Lima 34, Lima-Peru

Ask for: Compliance Officer

Available from Monday to Friday by appointment only*.

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